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Non-Capital Mitigation is critical in humanizing clients in defense cases. As a clinician, you have a unique and valuable understanding of how familial, societal, and political factors influence an individual’s actions. This course will teach you to expand on your clinical experience and provide you with the tools to become an efficacious mitigation specialist. Start the process today with our On-Demand Mastering Mitigation Assessments Course.

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Mitigation Mentor

The significance of mitigation lies in its ability to express the human experience and present the circumstances that have shaped an individual’s current situation. Aiming to perceive an individual holistically, mitigation looks beyond one’s darkest moment and holds the power to determine the trajectory of a client’s life. The outcome of many cases hinges on the mitigation aspect. It has the potential to be the differentiating factor between a lifetime in prison and the opportunity for a fresh start. To address the profound need within criminal justice for clients to have their stories told, Mitigation Mentor was born. Every defendant deserves to have their story told through a skilled mitigation specialist, and Mitigation Mentor is proud to provide critical training and resources to clinicians who want to make an impact.

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Lindsay Bendell, LCSW

 Mitigation Mentor Founder

Mitigation Mentor is Lindsay Bendell’s passion project that came about after a long stretch of doing mitigation work as a primary source of employment. Originally starting in the Denver Public Defender’s Office, Lindsay moved on to full-time freelance mitigation work. To work full-time in mitigation, Lindsay took multiple cases at once and found it was a short time before severe burnout took hold.

Lindsay decided to step away from full-time mitigation work to pursue different areas of social work but soon realized that mitigation work gave her a sense of purpose worth pursuing. She needed to find a way to tell the stories of the many clients who need mitigation services without the fatigue of working so many cases at once. She found that the true issue lies in a lack of clinicians with mitigation knowledge.

Mitigation Mentor is Lindsay’s answer to the critical lack of clinicians skilled in mitigation. Mitigation Mentor aims to equip more clinicians with the knowledge and resources to make an impact. With more mitigation workers, every criminal case can be assigned a skilled mitigation specialist so that not only are more people receiving mitigation services, but mitigation workers are less burnt out.




Hannah Higgins, LCSW

Hannah Rose Therapy

As a school social worker and owner of a private clinical therapy practice, I highly recommend Mitigation Mentor. Lindsay is incredibly knowledgeable around mitigation practices, and she made it easy to understand the content within each module.  After taking this course I felt more prepared conducting biopsychosocial assessments with clients, in addition to better understanding my role on an interdisciplinary law team and the criminal justice system. I feel this training is great for anyone especially those who work within a private practice setting, community agency setting, and the public school system.

Lynlee Weber, LICSW

Mighty Mitigation, LLC

I am a mitigation specialist and therapist. This course was very thorough in covering the topics related to mitigation work. It gave me some great ideas for future reports. It will be very helpful to those new to the field.