What is the Difference between Capital and Non-Capital Mitigation?

Jul 26, 2023

The difference between capital and non-capital mitigation lies in the severity of the potential punishment involved in the criminal case.

Capital mitigation refers to the mitigation efforts undertaken in cases where the defendant is facing the possibility of the death penalty.

These cases typically involve charges of murder or other serious crimes that may be subject to capital punishment under the law. The primary objective of capital mitigation is to persuade the judge or jury to impose a sentence less severe than the death penalty, which is usually life imprisonment without parole.

Mitigation specialists in capital cases focus on presenting evidence and arguments that humanize the defendant, highlight any mitigating factors, and emphasize reasons to spare the defendant's life. They conduct extensive investigations into the defendant's background, mental health, upbringing, and any other relevant factors that may persuade the decision-makers to choose a lesser sentence.

The goal of non-capital mitigation is to advocate for a less severe sentence or alternative penalties. Mitigation specialists in non-capital cases work to present evidence and arguments that humanize the defendant, provide context for their actions, and highlight factors that may mitigate their behavior. We gather information about the defendant's personal history, mental health, character, and any other relevant factors to argue for a more lenient sentence.

In non-capital mitigation, we generally focus on persuading the judge or prosecutors to consider factors that support rehabilitation, treatment, and the defendant's potential for positive change and we often do so by connecting our clients to treatment.

In summary, capital mitigation involves efforts to avoid the death penalty, while non-capital mitigation aims to secure a less severe sentence or alternative penalties by connecting the individual to ongoing treatment.

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