Why is Mitigation a good way to diversify your practice?

Jul 26, 2023

If you're a private practice clinician you may searching for ways to diversify your what you offer. Providing mitigation assessments is the perfect addition to any private practice as it allows you to utilize your clinical skills to advocate for a larger purpose while diversifying your income stream.

A second revenue stream can provide additional income which could assist you in achieving greater financial stability. Therapy fees can vary, especially if your practice accepts insurance, and having another source of income can help you supplement your earnings and cover any fluctuations in client numbers (hello summer slump) or unexpected expenses. Relying solely on therapy fees may limit a your income potential. By diversifying your revenue streams, you can reduce your dependency on a single source of income and don't have to worry about hustling for the next client.

Flexibility and work-life balance is an enormous reason many of us opt for private practice over more traditional work settings. Just like in a therapy private practice, a mitigation practice is extremely flexible and allows you to create your own schedule. You can decide when and how to engage on your cases.

Lastly, as a clinician you may have an interest or passion to do more, and I'm not just talking about therapy. Many of us are driven by a deeper purpose, a purpose to be an agent of change and an advocate for the misunderstood. Mitigation allows you to marry your clinical skills with your passion for advocacy and hope to see systemic change. Aside from providing an additional source of income, mitigation will allow you to literally change and save lives- how many side hustles offer that?

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My name is Lindsay

And I am a social worker who is passionate about making changes in the criminal justice system. Through myĀ online course, I teach other clinicians how to use their skills to advocate for change while diversifying their practice.