Mastering Mitigation Assessments

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The Mastering Mitigation Assessments course is designed to provide a thorough understanding of how mitigation functions in the justice system to transform clients' lives. The course focuses on best practices for gathering records and performing detailed investigations, culminating in the development of mitigation reports that offer a holistic perspective of a client’s situation. Armed with this knowledge, clinicians will be better equipped to advocate for underrepresented clients, ensuring that their unique circumstances are taken into account during legal proceedings. The skill sets you will grow with this course are crucial in building a comprehensive and compelling mitigation report which could be the difference between a lifetime in prison and the opportunity for a fresh start.

Course Objectives

Conduct assessments for underrepresented clients in the criminal justice system

Construct convincing reports to present to judges & attorneys


Harness your empathic inclination to humanize individuals lost in the justice system



Course Outcomes

Change lives

Diversify your skills & practice

 Earn supplementary income in slow seasons

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Hannah Higgins, LCSW

Hannah Rose Therapy

"As a school social worker and owner of a private clinical therapy practice, I highly recommend Mitigation Mentor. Lindsay is incredibly knowledgeable around mitigation practices, and she made it easy to understand the content."

Lynlee Weber, LICSW

Mighty Mitigation, LLC

"I am a mitigation specialist and therapist. This course was very thorough in covering the topics related to mitigation work. It gave me some great ideas for future reports. It will be very helpful to those new to the field. "

Meet the Creator of Mitigation Mentor 

Lindsay Bendell is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a forensic social worker and a mitigation specialist.

Lindsay has worked in a variety of settings including public defenders offices, community mental health and private practice.

Learning about mitigation changed Lindsay's trajectory and now she has dedicated her career to educating others about the importance of humanizing criminal defendants.


By the end of this program you will have....

  • A¬†thorough understanding of how mitigation¬†functions in the justice system to change clients' lives
  • Proficiency in utilizing¬† biopsychosocial assessments to advocate for underrepresented clients
  • The ability to¬†collect¬†important collateral and corroborating information to support your client's needs
  • Best practices for gathering records and performing¬†detailed social history investigations¬†
  • The writing skills to complete¬†a concise and convincing mitigation report to provide a holistic¬†perspective for justice-involved clients¬†
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Additional Resources Included

Observation Checklist

 To provide context for your client's clinical presentation

Mitigating Themes Worksheet

To help brainstorm ideas while crafting your report

Records Checklist

 To ensure you are conducting a comprehensive mitigation investigation

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